Thursday, 13 October 2011


Sha la la! My first post, lol a lot of people you might think that i'm crazy or something like this, don't worry, too much people told me, so it's a normal thing. Yeeah!
Okaaay! I'm brunette pretty cool! ;) I was kidding, maybe i am, but i'm honest.
I like to play the guitar, i love to dance blah blah blah.
Okay, i don't want to told on my blog what i eated or shits like that (pardon my language).
All the people tell me that i'm really sweet :) I like to be, except with my friends that they are pretty unimpresses, (will think it makes no sense, but who are used to be a nerd mad and surly) LOL! I'm not a nerd, i'm just smart.
Soo, wanna be a part of my world? Read all my things here on my blog!

<3 J

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