Friday, 14 October 2011


Yo Peeps!
It's Mee! I know, you was wishing that i will post again, i know hun, i'm the best! Lol i was kidding! ;)
So yeah, i'm totally obsessed with: Pumped Up Kicks.
Oh My Godness! Is the best song in the Universe! But don't worry, i don't have a gun (by the way... Lol!) Okay, i'm not a pshyco.
Anyway, i want to talk about Youtube. I have an account there :) (I will post my link when i finish this post) MyTeenagerLife, well i have really really good friends! Like: (usernames)  LoveJaylor, RealToriVega, OfficialMiCy (Yup! The Real Cyrus ;) , ... Big Big Friends: megatahmineh1, AmzLovesAshleyGomez, caaarrolineee, xxxshadowstudiosxxx, but one, is being rude with my friend Andy (crazy4avrillavignex) he's an amazing guy! And someone (disneyboyboo) is messing with him, :( Wanna Help? Please go to disneyboyboo's channel and tell him the bad person he is!
So, yeah that's all :) Mine & friends links are here:


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